Councillors – Icklesham Parish Council

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The ward structure has changed from May 2019. We now have three wards, Icklesham, Winchelsea and Rye Harbour (includes Winchelsea Beach.)

Please click here for the full membership list of our parish and district councillors (print version) as of March 2021:

Icklesham Ward

Cllr. Nick Warren

Chairman of Planning Committee.

Tel:  07799 868539

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Cllr. Mrs Clare Rice

Member of Allotments, Media and Staffing Committee

Cllr. Ian Mann

Member of Allotments and Open Spaces Committee

Cllr. Darren Kitteridge

Member of Allotments, Planning and Open Spaces Committee

Cllr. Mrs Angela Thomson

Chair of Allotments Committee and member of Open Spaces Committee

Winchelsea Ward

Cllr. Ian McConnochie

Member of Staffing and Planning Committee

Tel: 07968 787401

Cllr. David Smedley (Vice Chair)

Chairman of Open Spaces Committee and Parish Council Tree Warden

Rye Harbour Ward and Winchelsea Beach Ward

Cllr. James Justice

Member of Planning Committee

Tel: 07711 696741

Cllr. Tony Moore

Joint lead for the Emergency Plan and member of the Allotments Committee and Planning Committee.

Tel: 07751 377564

Cllr. Mrs Jacqueline Stanford (Chair)

Ex-officio member of Planning Committee, Allotments Committe and Open Spaces Committee and Chairman of Staffing Committee

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Tel: 01797 226908

Cllr. Hugh Sutton

Member of the Open Spaces Committee

Tel: 01797 226261

Cllr. S Tollett

Member of the Staffing Committee

Tel: 01797 223631

Cllr. Peter Turner

Tel: 01797 224617

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